THM in the media

January 15th, 2013

Article: Alderman Karsten Klein issues Certifcates of Good Conduct to Petra Brekelmans

On January 15th Alderman Karsten Klein issued a cheque to THM for reimbursement of the costs for Certificates of Good Conduct for all volunteers.


October 2012

Video: Hungry Mind Oct2012-thexpat through Vimeo

Thexpat.TV tells the story about how The Hungry Mind is a home away from home for internationally minded people. How it provides a variety of activities and events for adults and children.

September 2012

Jan Snel Speelplein initiated

Article: The Hungry Mind is niet te stuiten: tweede fase [Dutch only]

Wijkinfo, the Waldeck-Bohemen-Kijkduin district newspaper, writes about the origins of THM, and about the second phase we initiated with our Jan Snel Speelplein.

26 September 2012

Stadskrant 9, page 11: Samen op de mat

Article: Expatkids en Haagse kids samen op de mat in Kijkduin [Dutch only]

The Stadskrant (City Newspaper) writes a very nice piece about the recent opening of our extra building, the portacabin, and about the Sportmindz who use it as an extra dojo.

25 September 2012

Repatriation – blog post by Global Nomad

Blog post: Repatriation (Global Nomad) [Dutch only]

How a Dutch former expat came back to Nederland and experienced The Hungry Mind for the first time.