Fees and Payment.

All classes are delivered as a course, on a term basis, or as specified by the Instructor. Payment should be made before, or within the first 2 weeks of the new term to guarantee your place on the course.

Fees are not refundable on account of participants’s absence from classes. No concession of fees will be granted for period of vacations. 

Make Up Classes

In the event of a class being cancelled the instructor will provide an alternative date as a make up class.  No make class will be given if a participant is unable to attend a given class.

Drop In Classes

Drop In classes are at the discretion of the Instructor, who has the right to refuse entry if the class is full.  Please check with the Instructor before attending to avoid disappointment.

Class Etiquette

Participants should be on time for class, arriving at least 5 minutes before class commences.

Please do not enter the class room until the lesson has finished.  In the event that you need to attract the teachers attention please do it in a way that does not disrupt the ongoing class.

Please turn off all mobile phones before the class commences.

The Instructor should be informed of medical problems or physical injuries in order that the participant is not over-strained during class.

THM is not liable for any injury incurred during class time or waiting time.  Participants who need to leave class before the lesson ends, should notify the instructor before class commences

Please do not enter the Aerobic studio with outdoor shoes

No food or drinks are allowed in the studio

Please keep the waiting area clean, keep noise to a minimum to avoid distracting the class.

THM April 2019